Readin’ and Rightin’

Readin’ and Rightin’

January 27, 2019
9:30 AM  -  10:45 AM
Split Rock Room

Description: We review the importance of good spelling, the reasons behind this “necessary evil”, how to chart not only to benefit the patient but also to cover your backside. How to chart in a way to increase the amount of reimbursement from healthcare coverage agencies, terms to use and to avoid in charting, special considerations like elder and child abuse/neglect situations and how to chart regarding subjective and objective data.


  • List at least three things that are considered “critical” components of a chart
  • List at least three commonly used words in healthcare that can be taken out of context very easily and should be avoided.
  • Review special circumstances in charting that always raises “red flags” including Abuse situations, Resuscitation terminations in the field and regards to HIPPA Violations.


Session Category :  Advanced Life Support  Basic Life Support  General 

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