Beyond Breaking Bad

Beyond Breaking Bad

January 26, 2019
10:30 AM  -  11:45 AM

Description: Methamphetamine use continues to grow across Minnesota.  As methamphetamine use becomes increasingly common, prehospital and ED personnel should become ever more familiar with common, not-so-common, and potentially life-threatening complications of methamphetamine abuse. This presentation will focus on identification of and initial therapies for the immediate life threats common to methamphetamine exposure, with specific focus on both methamphetamine “stuffers” (those who ingest baggies with the intention to conceal their drug) and those who present with mixed toxidromes in the era of novel drugs of abuse, unintentional mixed ingestions, and the changing face of drug abuse locally and nationally. Particular emphasis will be placed on management of the hyperthermic methamphetamine patient (management of the “hot/tachy/psychotic” tox patient).


  • Compare methamphetamine “stuffers” to “packers,” and understand the clinical differences portended by this distinction.
  • Recognize the dissonance between reported ingestion and disparate toxidromes common to the present landscape of drugs of abuse.
  • Identify indications for observation following methamphetamine stuffing, and understand the literature underpinning this decision.
  • Discuss the management of the hyperthermic tox patients (management of the “hot/tachy/psycotic” tox patient).

Session Category :  Advanced Life Support  Basic Life Support  EMR/FF  General  Law Enforcement  Medical Director 

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