The Toxic House, What Children Find…

The Toxic House, What Children Find…

January 26, 2019
12:45 PM  -  2:00 PM
Gooseberry Falls Room

Description: Have you ever been call to a child choking?  How about if the dispatch indicates, “child took something?”  When you arrive on scene and begin to sort out the possibilities you actually discover that the youngster has ingested something that is not for human consumption or it is…if they were say 68 years of age and 150 pounds!  What is it that children so often find, why are they drawn to toxic items, what can EMS do about this?  Join Gary in this presentation of discovery and what you can do about making a positive change and taking public health preventative action.


  • Be able to list why children are drawn to toxic items.
  • Be able to identify what some of the “hidden” toxic items in the home are.
  • Gain insight into assisting families improve the safety of their home by removing or properly storing toxic substances.

Session Category :  Pediatrics 

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